Saturday, May 7, 2011

My Favourite Month - May

May is a very special month for me.

Firstly, there are many birthdays in the family.

Secondly, there are at least 2 public holidays in the wonderful month of May.

Thirdly, the family has yet another excuse to stuff ourselves crazy with Mother's Day!

So to all the great mothers out there:


To my Pa Pa:


and to myself:


Chilli Crab @ Jumbo, East Coast Park

This is my first time eating chilli crab again after having Philip. The other time before this, just when I thought I could use the excuse of pregnancy craving to devour this Singapore speciality, I ended up having a terrible stomache for a night!

So when I decided to dine at Jumbo, I was a little hesitant on whether to order the dish. And rather obviously, in the end, I succumbed to the temptation.

We ordered one Sri Lanka crab to be accompanied by ten deep-fried buns.
Fortunately or not, the dish only arrived at our table long after we finished the rest of the dishes. So my stomach had only space for one large pincer.
Nevertheless, it was delicious! The crab meat was fresh and even the bun-gravy combination is simply heavenly! We practically licked clean the entire dish and all the waitress had to do would be to use it to serve another customer.

Alright...I agree, this is a bit gross but you get the idea.