Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Aussie Food Fare (1 of 3)

It's been about 4 years since I last visited Australia. This time round, I toured the east coast and was rather shocked to see quite abit of overweight locals. The figures up-to-date was at a shocking 6 out of 10 overweight adults!

And the diet kind of explains why. It's fish and chips, nuggets and chips, seafood basket with chips laying the basket, burger with chips, steak with chips, coke with chips or simply a bowl of chips. And the seemingly basic diet of chips are not that CHEAP really.

I am also guilty of two weeks of indulgence. Been loading myself crazy with cake slices and the irresistible giant scoops of ice cream amongst other yummilicious food!

the must-try Lamingtons

adorable Lindt Easter bunnies

blueberry pancakes with crispy beacon strips

scrambled egg with sautéed mushrooms

Fredo Pies - highly recommended by Lonely Planet (but I found it to be so-so only)

chicken schnitzels with greens

the super expensive chicken breast with prawns @ Lower Hunter Valley

my first time eating fried noodles out of a box after seeing them on American TV programs for so many years! A must-try but the taste can be a little heavy with thick sauces...

Carls Junior sized burger @ Sea World

Pizza Hut replacement version - not too bad really

And to counter that sense of guilt, I turned to sushi but it's a total flop attempt trying to recreate it. The shrivelled content wrapped in cold hard rice only made the sushi sold at NTUC taste heavenly. But then, there's always the fresh and reliable greens.

I also had my turn at whipping up a tiny Singapore 'storm' in the kitchen with my idiot-proof pesto pasta and attempt at stir-fry chicken with vegetables. I found some chinese stir-fry packet sauces in the supermarket and decided to try one out. The taste was not so bad but I gathered I shouldn't have emptied the entire packet of sauce unless I really like to have the chicken and vegetables swimming on the plate. Lesson learnt: One shouldn't be too greedy.

The majority of the breads sold there are soft breads, very similar to the Singapore bread and unlike those rock-hard ones in Europe. Despite having tasted different types of bread every single morning, I instantly fell in love with a warm plain bread served as the starter for my last extravagant meal in Brisbane. Such is the beauty of simplicity...

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