Thursday, August 14, 2008

What Is The Best Investment In Singapore?

Seriously, do you know what is the best investment in Singapore?

With the prices of almost everything heading skyward, it's not exactly a good time to invest. You'll never know when Singapore will be hit by the sluggish US economy. The job market is slowing down. Mergers, acquisitions, headcount freezes, retrenchments....the list goes on and on.

For an average Singaporean like me, I was almost drowned in the sea of uncertainties until I realized that there's still one good investment worth making the leap for. Just a tiny leap, with minimal investment capital.

This is not an advertising gimmick.

Answer: The Straits Times - Saturday issue

And the reason you may ask.

It's costs only 80 cents per copy. There's the "World" news section for those expatriates who's interested to catch up on home news, the "Home" news section for the true Singaporeans who's concerned with issues close to their heart, the "Life" leisure section where there's the most updated movie listings, the "Sports" section for those Olympic fanatics, the "Recruit" section where it's filled with OPPORTUNITIES for a better tomorrow...and many more sections to cater to the different interest of all individuals.

But what do I do with it after the news expires the next day? Well, this is where it comes in handy for those with pets at home. It's user friendly material to dispose off animal waste. :)


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