Thursday, December 9, 2010

Jumbo Bun (叶子楣大包)

It totally caught my attention when I first saw it at a coffeeshop below Block 44, Bendemeer road and it has been on my mind ever since.
Besides the Golden Pillow (金枕头) - curry in bun concept, I have never before seen such a big bun...and I do mean BIG! Which is probably why the bun is named after the once famed pornography actress Amy Yip (叶子楣) for her disturbingly (for me at least) oversized busts.

After surrendering $3, I finally had my hands on the jumbo bun and I had to almost stop myself from racing home to slice it open!

The anticipation climaxed when I sliced it into four quarters but it sort of came crashing down when I bite into my first mouthful. It's full of fatty meat and I even managed to dig out some slices of more fat laddened taiwanese sausages! This is gross beyond description!

I do understand that a moderate amount of fat in bun fillings actually accentuate the smoothness of the meat and bun texture in the mouth. But to be chewing into a large chunk of animal fat is another matter entirely!

So much for the excitement. I guess it's time I start disassociating quality with size - totally!

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