Tuesday, November 20, 2007

More Nihon Snacks

Nihon Snacks 1: Following the treat with the limited edition Green Tea Pocky, I found the limited edition - Chocolate Cream Pocky at Bishan NTUC. It costs a whopping $4 but if it's as nice as the former flavour, it's definitely a worthwhile buy!

Full of anticipation, I opened the Pocky pack and found each pocky sticks wrapped in a thick coating of cream chocolate. A review I read in the papers claimed that the Chocolate Cream flavour is less sweet than the Green Tea flavour. But one bite into it and the verdict is clear - Green Tea Pocky win hands down, no doubt about it! The cream flavour is rather heavy and much too sweet. It would have been better if it's dark chocolate instead. At least the Green Tea Pocky has a tinge of bitter green tea flavour in it to sort of balance off the sweetness from the chocolate.

So the next time I make another purchase of $4 Pocky, the choice is clear.

Nihon Snacks 2: Some days back, my mum received a small box of Japanese Raspberry Chocolate Crunch from my friend. As always, the nice photos on the packaging box already tells a tempting story of what lies within. One bite into it and it tastes more like Raspberry Yoghurt Crunch. The rich raspberry flavour just explodes in my mouth and my tongue kept telling me that it's Yoghurt, not Chocolate. Considering that I'm a more Chocolatery person, this Raspberry Crunch is really not bad!

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