Saturday, December 15, 2007

Schokolade von Österreich

Do you know what is the "must-buy" from Austria or Germany?

Answer: Schokolade - also known as Chocolate :)

It was really fortunate for me to be still in contact with some ex-colleagues both from Austria and Singapore. For the former, they'll bring me newly launched chocolates or limited edition chocolates from Austria whenever they visit Singapore while the latter never fails to bring back my favourite chocolates whenever they are there on business trips.

Limited Edition Christmas Chocolates from Lindt

Italian Chocolate Cookies

Giotto - downsized edition of Ferrero Rocher without the roasted hazelnut inside, but completely addictive

My all-time craze: Hanuta (creamy chocolate with roasted hazelnut chunks in it, sandwiched between two crispy wafers ~ heavenly~)

I'm given strict instruction to mention the following "close friend" in this blog - Mr. Tan Ngee Hou for his generous contribution of Giotto. Vielen Dank!

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