Sunday, December 16, 2007

Roll Your Own Sushi Hands-On Workshop

I signed up for a 3-hours "Roll Your Own Sushi Hands-on Workshop" from the PA website. This course was organised by the California-Asia Sushi Academy.

In the 3-hours workshop, the instructor taught us the proper procedures of cooking japanese rice, the importance of having and maintaining a sharp knife for cutting the sushi, the basic types of sushi, as well as the basic essentials for making sushi at home.

Everybody were kept busy throughout the entire 3-hours session; either with our hands busy rolling the sushi or our mouth busy tasting our own sushi.

We made a total of 4 sushi types:
(1) Kappa maki (Hosomaki) - which translates to cucumber & sesame thin roll.

(2) California Temaki - also known as the California Hand-Roll which has to be consumed immediately when the seaweed is still crispy.

(3) Ura-Maki - reverse sushi roll

(4) Naka-Maki - also known as the tall roll

kappa maki (foreground), ura-maki, naka-maki (background)

At the end of the workshop, everyone was distributed with a 2kg packet of japanese rice which was on promotion by the Japanese Agriculture (JA) Association.

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Tracy said...

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I was always intimidated to roll my own sushi, but once I gave it a try it was actually fairly easy.