Sunday, December 16, 2007

Si Chuan (四川) Holiday - Snacks (Part 6 of 7)

Snacks are a girl's best friend. No matter how full I get from the main meal, it seems like I have a second stomach just for snacks. :)

Glutinous rice with chicken filling wrapped in lotus leave (糯米鸡)


My snack supply for the long coach journey

Snacks on sale at a convenience store

Fruit/plum sticks coated with sugar syrup

Tofu look-alike snacks with two choices of flavour: sweet (left) and spicy (right)

Swan's Egg (天鹅蛋) - These are fried dough balls coated with sugar syrup and sprinkled with sesame seeds

Similar concept to the Takoyaki balls except that it takes the shape of a long roll instead

Tang Yuan with black sesame filling (芝麻汤圆). Unlike in Singapore where it's served in hot sugared water, the Tang Yuan there are served in hot plain water instead.

Grilled mutton and beef cubes on-a-stick. Absolutely my favourite! When it's done grilling, they'll sprinkle some herbs on it which sort of cause my lips to turn a little numb afterwards.

I termed these the "delicacies for the locals" and definitely not for the faint hearted. From the signboard which read 撒尿牛丸, it directly translates to "pissing cow balls". And honestly, I'm not sure if the ball is in the context of fishball or literally cow balls! Guess what are the red things stuck on the sticks? They are seasoned rabbit heads. can they even think of eating rabbits???

My first time tasting a purple corn and it's not a nice experience. It's like eating candle from a stick. Such corns can only be found in highlands and they are supposed to be very nutritious with a higher antioxidant capacity compared to blueberries.

I really miss these glass bottle packaging for the fizzy drinks. Those were the days...

I'm totally crazy about Pocky and similar Pocky look-alike snacks!

After all the snacking, it's nice to have a cup of hot brewing tea

And for the record, they serve hot orange juice in winter. Yuks!

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