Saturday, October 6, 2007

Snacks From Japan

A good friend just came back from Japan and she brought back some yummy snacks for me! :P

Red Bean Flavoured Kit Kat

The nice cherry coloured chocolate looks so sweet. And it tastes rather sweet too! I can taste a tinge of red bean from the chocolate, not too heavy, just a trace. Nevertheless, I still prefer the original chocolate flavoured kit kat - I'm a chocoholic. :]

Takoyaki Like-Alike Flat Crackers

From the pictures on the box, it looks very much like a flattened Takoyaki cracker to me. There's two types of cracker flavours in the box. As I didn't like the taste of wasabi, I approached each flavour with a small bite. Afterwards, I gobbled up both crackers at lightning speed. This is how good it taste.

For those who have no idea what's a Takoyaki, here's how it looks like:

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