Friday, October 26, 2007

Digging For Gold

This morning, armed with a small torchlight and a baby-safe pincer, I decided to dig into the root cause of what was causing Alicia to breathe so loudly at night.

I lay her on the bed and waited for her to doze off. Then I shone the torchlight into her tiny little nostrils and I found two HUGE gold nuggets smacked right in the middle of the airway. ROOT CAUSE FOUND!

Next, I tried to aim the pincer at a peeling edge of the gold nugget and tried to wretch it free from the left nostril. The attempt failed as Alicia turned her head away. I tried a second and a third time, but all attempts failed. Then I tried to hold her head so that she would at least give me a few seconds to grab the nugget. could a two month old baby be so strong?

I must admit I find it personally very tempting to try to wretch the HUGE gold nuggets from her nostrils. Otherwise, I might not be able to take my mind off it for the rest of the day. So I tried and I tried and finally, I felt something thick between the fingers of the pincer and with a tug, the first piece of gold nugget was released from her left nostril! For a moment, I felt a wave of euphoria. :) It just feels so satisfying, like finally being able to scratch that itchy spot behind one's back! Afterwards, with only a little effort, the second gold nugget was easily wretched free from the right nostril and I have infront of me, two gold nuggets resting on a tissue paper.

Anyone who knows whether such things actually sell on online auctions?


@licia Okasan~ said...

I know ur feelings. It feels so shiok when its out and if its not out even she cry you will still keep thinking about it if there is still any chance to take it out.

Alicia otosan~ said... said...

Selling "GOLD"? Put it up on! You Search, you buy, you sell & you connect! Hahahahaha... ...

Don't forget my commission later!