Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Kind feedback from a Friend

Yesterday, I gave some of the Chocolate Torte to a friend to try and I found myself excitedly anticipating for her feedback - good or bad. And this was what she wrote to me:

Ce chocolat gâteau est délicieux!!

I was aflutter with excitement when holding the tiny piece of chocolate torte gingerly between my fingers, with it looking seductively in its deep, dark-chocolate colour under the light (this is just a glimpse of the deliciousness that lies within). Overcome by temptations, I took a bite through its surface before greedily devouring it, right down to its core and was instantly stupefied. The torte was so light yet chocolate-y and has a taste so simple but delectable, brilliantly executed with the perfect balance of sweetness. Bravo!Rhapsodising, I am not. Overall, this is a top torte and definitely satisfying enough to please even the most discerning chocolate lovers or simply anyone with a love for sweet confections.

by xxxxxx

A little paragraph to show my appreciation for ur generousity of letting me savour ur luscious torte. ;p

Now you know why I'm anticipating for a feedback from her...because she can really WRITE!

Now I'm encouraged. :)

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