Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Frying Greens or Flying Greens?

This evening, while I was taking photographs of my mom frying vegetables, I decided to record a video of "The Chef" at work - purely for fun. And afterwards, I began to consider that it might not be such a bad idea to have short video recordings of fast cooking dishes for posting in the blog. For one, I can view the entire cooking process and just follow accordingly. :)

This also reminded me of a news I caught on television lately. There's an ang moh guy who came up with a step-by-step audio recipe via the handphone. The user would have to select the desired recipe from the list stored in the handphone, activate it and put it on loudspeaker mode. The instructions would be issued from the handphone and it'll pause after every step. When the user has completed the step, the user will need to give a verbal reply and the handphone could then continue to give the next instruction. Quite interesting.

Anyway, back to the dishes prepared by my mother this evening:

Fish in Soy Sauce

The Skill of Frying Greens Without Flying Greens

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Stephen said...

Hi, Yes, it's much more interesting to watch the video than to read abt it.