Thursday, October 11, 2007

Cute Mini Cupcakes Gift

Some months back, there's this craze for mini cupcakes. Suddenly, birthday cakes made from mini cupcakes were popping up everywhere in Singapore. Each of these cupcakes were adorned with nicely crafted objects ranging from mini babies, books, flower petals, alphabets, vegetables, clothes, ribbons....etc. You name it, they have it.

But so far, I have yet to taste any of those mini cupcakes. Reason being: nice to look at, but good to eat too? I have always had this doubt. The nice decorations on top of these cupcakes are no doubt made from royal icings or marzipan - both of which are way too sweet for my liking.

Today, my family received two cupcakes as gifts for a baby's first month.

The cupcakes looks so adorable but I still had my doubts as to how they would taste. One way to verify my doubt - I cut a small piece of the cupcake and popped it into my mouth, cake and icing. was not so bad! A wee bit sweet but the cupcake is delicious.

Next up - the mini doughnut craze. :)

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Stephen said...

Hi, i always think that cupcakes like these are overated. They look too sweet and just not appetising to me. (IMHO) Better go for Pandan cakes instead!
BTW, I like the photos of those Malay food for Hari Raya...Bless your neighbour..! Yummy.