Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Daiso in Singapore

Yesterday, I went to Daiso at Vivo City. It's an "everything goes for $2" Japanese livingware supplier supermart. Unknowingly, I bypassed this supermart a couple of times previously but never had the urge to go in.

Yesterday was my first time in the shop while accompanying a friend and I managed to pick up some items:

Mini Spongecake Baking Pan

Definitely a steal! It's my first time seeing these mini spongecake baking pans and it's exactly what I always wanted! All along, my attempts with baking chiffon or spongecakes have been using either the bread or round or square pans. And I always wanted to bake one with the original spongecake baking pan but I found them to be too big for storage in my already crowded kitchen cabinet. So I'm always hesitant about purchasing one until yesterday. :) Ain't they cute? I can't wait to use them to bake some mini spongecakes!

Rice Scoop

Frankly speaking, this scoop is not worth $2. I would not have bought it if I'm not too lazy to go search for a cheaper one elsewhere.

Bamboo Sushi Roll Mat

Hmmm....the usual ones I always see in the supermarket are made up of round bamboo sticks tied up to form a mat. But this one is made from bamboo sticks which are levelled at one part and rounded at the other side. Maybe I haven't been observant enough.

Green Tea

Tell your taste bud to abandon the familiar sweet tasting bottled green tea widely sold in the supermarkets. This is really THE green tea. Exactly the same taste as those served in Japanese restaurants, just that it's bottled and cold. Nevertheless, $2 for a bottle of green tea is too much for me to purchase again.

Contributed $10 during my first shopping trip there. Not a bad start. :)

For those Daiso fans, there are three Daiso branches in Singapore:
(1) IMM (opened since March 2002 - largest branch)
(2) VivoCity (opened since December 2006)
(3) Plaza Singapura (opened since September 2006 - smallest branch)


Anonymous said...

thanks for posting this.

Anonymous said...

Excuse me,There is another branch in Singapore, at Bukit Panjang Plaza.

Anonymous said...

There is another branch in Bukit Panjang Plaza.

Katelyn said...

Hi, does Daiso Vivo City sell products related to sewing? e.g. needles, threads, glues, etc? Thanks!

Duckburg said...

Yes, I believe they do sell it there!

Anonymous said...

Diaso is the best! They haven't really listed so many great things.
Dishes and serving pieces, plastics of all sorts, storage solutions, cleaning supplies, hair clips, trays, disposible cleaning wipers, etc etc etc. Literally thousands of quality products, some things you may never have thought of buying but that are really handy. l find their laundry bags are the best! Double layered, they prevent lint from other items attaching to your dark knit clothing. Multiple sizes too.
l never pass up a chance to have a stroll through