Saturday, October 6, 2007

Qian Hu Fish Farm

This blog is named "Food on Foot". I have blogged so much about "Food" itself but not really about the "Foot" part. Actually, when I first started this blog, I wanted to devote the "Foot" part to my travels abroad. Like capturing interesting shops or food or happenings abroad. But after today, I thought that it should also include interesting places or things in Singapore. I'm sure there are many interesting places in Singapore waiting to be explored!

So talking about today, a friend and I visited the Qian Hu fish farm. It's an extremely hot day and we almost abandoned the original plan and change to shopping at Jurong point instead. However, having searched and waited for the free shuttlebus for close to 30 mins, we decided not to give up and was really relieved to finally see the shuttlebus approaching and have the cool air hit us when we sink into the comfortable seats. See...determinations always pay off! :)

The main agenda to the fish farm was the Fish SPA! It's my second trip back. Basically, the deal is simple. Pay $10 for the first 30 mins to have some small fishes nibble away at your feet. You pay to get your feet clean and the fishes get to have their daily snack as well. Everyone's happy! Subsequent charges of $0.30 for every additional minutes.

Almost all the SPA 'customers' were squeamish when they first dip their feet into the pool. The initial feeling is a little ticklish and a little numbing. However, it doesn't take long before the customers begins to feel comfortable, gets laid back and starts relaxing. For me, if there's aircon and an armchair, I would have fallen asleep there and then!

Maybe Qian Hu could consider striking a deal with the manicure and pedicure shops world wide with this Fish SPA idea!

Just beside the Fish SPA pool, there's the tortoise pool. Interestingly, the big tortoises are piling one on top of the other for their share of the hot sun. I even caught one dozing off in a corner. Didn't know tortoises enjoy sun tanning so much...

We were so fascinated by the piling tortoises that we found a shade, sat down and began snacking on some traditional chinese steamed cakes - can't remember what they are called. These cakes comes in several nice colours and is an extremely light snack. It is best eaten by dipping it with some coconut and red sugar. It tastes nice even on it's own too.

Next, we toured the farm and I found this electrifying blue lobster-like creature waving it's giant pincer at me. Hmmm...wonder if it'll turn red after some steaming??

It's chinese name is 电光蓝虾

And to end the trip, I bought this beautiful fighting fish to replace the already deceased one at home. Another additional to the family. Ideas for names anyone? :)

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