Monday, December 24, 2007

A Girl Who Celebrates Her Birthday...Monthly

Yesterday, on the 23rd December 2007, Alicia became 4 months old. Since I'm totally immersed in the festive mood lately, I decided to walk (despite the rain) to the neighbourhood mall and see if there's any small cakes on sale at the confectionary.

There were so many logcakes on display and they were all at super affordable prices! I'm not sure if this is the usual "mall" rate or the confectionary was already slashing the prices on pre-christmas eve. Nevertheless, I took my own sweet time to choose a nice cake and after 15 minutes of "umphs" and "erms", I decided on a chocolate logcake - a single cake for dual purposes.

While Alicia was curiously gazing at the lighted candles, the rest of us were simply glad to have it blown out, knife and napkins at the ready.

According to reliable sources, Alicia has been celebrating her birthday on a monthly basis. She's a lucky girl indeed...

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