Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Takeaways to usher in the New Year

On the eve of 2008, I decided to have takeaway dinner as my last meal for the year.

I didn't have anything in mind as I made my way through the shopping complex. My first thought was to have a healthy and quick meal. So I settled for the QQ Riceball which made a rather big bang in the fast food scene after it was featured on a local food program show. The idea originated from Taiwan and the customer gets to choose the type of rice and five ingredients which will be wrapped in the rice and rolled into a mini-rugby ball with the help of a plastic wrapper. I chose the purple rice and the crabstick, preserved cabbage, fishcake, corn and smoked chicken as the ingredients. However, the corn was already spilling from the rice ball even when it's wrapped in the plastic and so foreseenably, once the plastic wrap came off, the ball sort of 'disintegrated'. Nevertheless, I like the taste of it although the small rice ball comes at a price of $3.20

In my next attempt to fulfil my craving for more carbohydrates, I made a mad rush to Cold Storage and savaged whatever was left on the sushi counter...not much left really...

Finally, to add a bit of 'sin' to my dinner menu, I bought a curry puff, a stick of crabmeat fillet and an oily chicken wing from Old Chang Kee. I couldn't stand it if I'm eating too healthy a meal either.

Oh well, my diet resolution can start next year anyway....

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