Friday, January 25, 2008

The Book Bug Got Me

I think the book bug got me! Despite the waking-up-early, coming-home-late schedule, somehow, I still find time to finish chapters upon chapters of whatever books I'm reading on a daily basis!!!

And right this very moment, I'm totally hooked onto a book by Neil Humphreys - "Complete Notes From Singapore - The Omnibus Edition". Sounds like an SBS bus guide to me when I first saw the word "Omnibus" on the cover. And I was a little confused as well because Neil Humphreys usually writes articles on his observations of the daily sights and sounds of Singapore with a wicked tinge of humour. So what's this "Omnibus" thing about?

After fumbling through the book and reading a few pages at random, I realised that this book is essentially a combination of three of his previous publications. So instead of paying more to buy three books separately, I got all three binded into one book at a much cheaper price! Then, I became confused again. Why would anyone come up with such a marketing strategy? I can already visualise those big, black spiders spinning cobwebs on the earlier publications.

Anyway....this book is definitely a MUST HAVE on anyone's book shelf. Shortly after I started reading a few pages, I'm already giggling away. I'm a sucker for British humour and for him to ingeniously merge the Singapore humour to that of his home country does it big time for me! I'll be reading the book while I'm half-way through my bread and Milo in the morning, still at it in the train to work, smacked right infront of me when I'm having my takeaway lunch in the office, my trusty companion on the late evening train ride home as well as my bedtime story before I doze off to slumberland.

I think I'll be totally heartbroken when I finish the book. :(

And before I sign off from the blog to join my book in bed, Goodnight to all the pricks (my favourite word from the book and I simply can't resist using it here regardless of how nasty it sound!) out there!

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