Sunday, January 13, 2008

Dessert at Goodwood Park Hotel

After dinner at Cream Bistro, a friend and I walked to the nearby Goodwood Park Hotel for something sweet to complete the meal.

As it was our first time there and without any recommendations or prior knowledge, we wandered off to the L'Espresso for a drink and some desserts.

There was a choice of either the indoor aircon seats (which is kind of freezing cold) or the outdoor seats facing the swimming pool. With the slight drizzle and the soft light illuminating the swimming pool and its surrounding low hotel terraces, the choice was clear.

We ordered a cup of coffee, camomile tea, vanilla raspberry cake and a dark chocolate fondue with fruits.

The coffee came with a sugar stick where looked as though the sugar crystals were cultivated on the stick right out of a primary school science laboratory. I thought it was kind of cool! If I'm not mistaken, it costs only about $6 - $9 a cup. Cheap!

On the menu, a serving of camomile tea was priced at $9. So I thought it would only be a cup of tea but I was pleasantly surprised when it came with a pot plus the option to refill. Real steal!

The vanilla raspberry cake looks nice but upon the taste test, it was kind of disappointing. It's essentially a thin layer of sponge cake spread with raspberry jam and took the form of a swiss roll with thick vanilla mousse as the outer layer. It costs around $6.50 per piece. Relatively cheap!

Finally, the grand finale - dark chocolate fondue with walnut sprinkled in it + a selection of 6 fruits (strawberry, dragon fruit, pineapple, rock melon, banana and kiwi) + 3 selection of dip-ins. It costs about $25. Relatively cheap taking into consideration that it's served in a hotel.

We were kind of puffed out by the time the fondue was served. Some of the fruits were a little sloggy but the dark chocolate covered it all up. My favourite would have to be one of the dip-in selection: a bowl of tiny riceballs coated with chocolate. :)

The Nokia E65 is absolutely crappy when it comes to taking photos. Quality is really bad with highly pixelated photos.

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