Sunday, January 27, 2008

Day Trip to the Singapore National Museum

It's been ages since I last visited the Singapore National Museum. The last time I was there, it was out of pure boredom and in an attempt to seek refuge from the sweltering afternoon sun, I chanced upon a free exhibition and spent a few unexpected enjoyable hours playing with some long forgotten childhood toys.

This time round, the National Library was no longer by it's side and along with it, the small food center that used to serve yummy-licious indian rojak was demolished as well.

The newly renovated museum looks grand though and so does the high-class restaurants in its compound, along with the nice prices too...

So to support the cultural scene in Singapore, I started with a tiny appetiser at the restaurant Muse, managed by a French general manager. The place is lavishly decorated and an orchid-in-a-glass dotted each table.

I was not really hungry but still, to curb the itchiness in my mouth, I ordered deep fried calamari. The serving was rather big and as much as I tried to stuff the crispy, hot calamari rings into my mouth, it's just too much for my stomach to contain.

So having satisfied the tummy, I went on a free guided tour of the Greek Masterpiece exhibition. The admission cost me $8 but the tour was conducted free of charge by the museum's volunteer. I must admit that I was a little confused with all the Greek names and mythologies but nevertheless, the tour was rather enriching. Interestingly, what I found most intriguing on the sculptures of the naked Greek men/women was their toes.

A close examination of all the toes from the scultpures revealed a stunning discovery! The second toe is longer than the first toe!!! So the next time someone pokes fun of my feet, I'm going to poke their eyes and tell them to bugger off. Afterall, I'm a Chinese with Greek toes and how many of you can beat that! :)

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