Saturday, December 15, 2007

Si Chuan (四川) Holiday - Culture (Part 2 of 7)

I'm not a great fan of the historically rich cultural scenes in China. However, watching them on television or reading about them in books, magazines or the newspapers is very different from seeing them with my own eyes. It can be truly fascinating - really.

Geographically, Jiu Zhai Gou (九寨沟) is located very close to Tibet so naturally, there's a good mix of both Tibetan and Chinese cultures being adopted by the minorities there. One such display would be the costumes wore by them.

Display of more traditional tribal costumes

The Three Kingdoms (三国演义) cartoon figurines - a creative way to rouse the younger generation's interest in China's rich history

Sugar Blow Art - The artist in the background heats up the thick sugar syrup and shapes it into various figurines by blowing into the hot sugar syrup. It is very much like glass blowing.

Paper cutting art - it's amazing to see how these intricate patterns are cut out from a piece of paper by using only a pair of scissors

Chinese Zither (古筝) musician playing at an outdoor cafe

Modern Chinese Calligraphy Painting (现代毛笔画)

Drinking Gourds (葫芦) on sale at a roadside stall at Jing-Li (古街锦里) Street in Cheng Du

Clay Moulding artist hard at work

Silk preparation

Chinese Archery roadside stall at Jing-Li Street (古街锦里)

This man who sells calligraphy brushes dipped the brush in plain water and wrote on a piece of paper. When the wet characters dries up, he writes over it again. Smart?

Er-Hu (二胡) performance at Cheng Du

Traditional Chinese Opera performance (京剧)

Hand Puppet Performance

Traditional Comedy Performance

Hand Shadow Performance

The art of Face-Changing (四川川剧变脸) is unique only to Si Chuan. According to our tour guide, the skill of Face Changing is regulated by the law in China such that only local Si Chuan residents have the right to learn this skill and it cannot be imparted to outsiders.

Intricate stone figurine forming the handle for one side of a large stone urn

Huge joss stick offerings to the deities

Large chinese knot used to decorate a building

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