Thursday, December 20, 2007

iPod, iPhone, i-relax?

Received this early Christmas gift from a friend today and found it to be rather interesting. It's an USB eye massager called i-relax. It's not from Apple but I guess it's just trying to tap into the recent iPhone hype.

Powered by the USB port, there's two levels of vibration strength to choose from. I did a brief trial by applying it to the lower eye area and found it to be amusing at first but seriously doubt whether it does much to relieve the tired eyes.

If instead of the victory sign, the five fingers are outstretched and with a 360degrees rotatable wrist area, it could be converted to a mini-stirer or even a mini-mixer!

For now, the i-relax would be nice to display on my desk or even as a toy for Alicia. :)

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