Monday, October 27, 2008

Celebrating Deepavali @ Bollywood Veggie

Bollywood Veggie is a farm cum restaurant located in the Kranji countryside. I'm guessing the name was founded based on the cuisines served in it's restaurant which are mainly curry based vegetable dishes.

The place has became more well known to both locals as well as foreigners compared to a year back - perhaps due to the hype created by the government when they announced their plans to transform the Kranji countryside into an agriculture cum entertainment centre (whatever that means...???)

The restaurant have a fixed menu as well as seasonal dishes based on the farm's harvest. The food might not be that fantastic but they are truly unique (check out the dishes I had) and definitely healthy (harvest from it's very own organic farm!).

Aloe Vera Brew - with home grown Aloe Vera

Banana Curry

Rojak Chicken Curry

Grilled Brinjal

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