Monday, December 21, 2009

Bak Kwa Tip

I might be ignorant creating such a post here, but for the benefits of other ignorants around like me, here's an invaluable tip for Bak Kwa fanatics:

If you ever happen to land yourself a box of thick, fat glistening bak kwa while chancing upon an irresistible bak kwa sale or given to you as a present, here's a simple tip on how to make your bak kwa look and taste better!

*Bake them in an oven*

(1) Darker coloured bak kwa that looks more appetising

(2) During baking, the heat burns the disgusting fat globules on the bak kwa and reduces it to a layer of oil on the baking sheet

(3) The bak kwa looks thiner and tastes leaner as well!

The before-after baking photo (pretty obvious if you ask me)

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