Wednesday, March 17, 2010

记得吃 - Part 1

For a start, I already like the name of this dessert shop - 记得吃. :)

I first got to know of this dessert shop along Liang Seah Street where it used to be the alternative dessert shop to patronise if one couldn't find a seat in the more popular 阿秋甜品 across the road.

However, since the launch of their durian puree dessert, the number of 记得吃 followers have been growing steadily, with me being one of them!

If you want to avoid the weekend crowd along Liang Seah Street and be assured of a seat immediately inside the shop without having to queue up, you could visit the main branch at Chinatown Point.

A recent visit revealed a new range of desserts in the shop - snow shavings! I believe the dessert was 'copied' from Taiwan where the shaved ice is so fine unlike ice kachang and yet taste like ice cream but without the sinfulness of the creaminess in the usual ice cream.

For those who doesn't like their dessert to be too sweet, you might want to request for the syrup not to be poured over the snow shavings.

We also ordered their hot dessert - almond paste with black glutinuous rice and similarly received a two thumbs-up compliment! :)

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