Thursday, June 10, 2010

Dog Competition in Villach

The Austrians really love their dogs and cats. While the cats are pampered at home with treats and toys with some allowed to roam freely in the great outdoors, the dogs get to have their daily walk at least twice a day and even their furs fluffed up for the Villach Dog Competition.

The competition was held at an indoor sports stadium which was divided into four judging zones. However, it was not quite clear to me how the competing dogs were being grouped.

It was an all-day's event beginning early in the morning till the late afternoon with the award ceremony as the great finale. We arrived an hour before the break for lunch and did not managed to catch much 'action' really.
Some dogs were paraded in front of the judges who were furiously scribbling away on sheets of paper while others were having a hell of a time sniffing at the rear ends of newly met acquaintences, with their owners having a somewhat similar great time socializing with a pretzel and beer in hand.
But I guess the outcome of the competition was insignificant compared to the time spent playing with their owners and newfound canine friends. :)

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