Monday, July 19, 2010

Chef Daniel's Kitchen @ Iluma

With the recent increase in variety programs featuring local chefs as either judges, mentors or simply as cooks displaying their culinary skills, there is a growing recognition of these chefs as celebrities.

Banking on their growing popularity, it seems only natural that they become the 'living, walking and breathing' advertisements for newly opened food & beverage establishments. One such restaurant is adaptly named "Chef Daniel's Kitchen" after the experienced chef - Daniel Koh.

The restaurant is located on the 7th storey of the new shopping complex, Iluma, situated directly opposite Bugis Junction. Due to perhaps it's roof top location which is unaccessible via the escalator, the restaurant might still be unknown to the majority of shoppers in the vicinity.
In an effort to draw more customers, the restaurant came up with a reasonably (and affordably) priced daily lunch and dinner set meal at $10.50 nett and $28 nett respectively. The former includes a soup and bread as the starter, 1 out of 16 mains to choose from, one dessert and a free soft drink. The latter also includes a similar starter, 1 out of 7 mains to choose from, a dessert but no mention of any free drinks.
I went for the lunch set meal and although we were quickly shown to our seats having made a prior reservation, the service was somewhat lagging. After having given our orders, we were made to wait about 15 minutes before the drinks were served. Soup of the day was a tomato-based vegetable soup with a slice of herbs & onion bread. The bread was soft and tasted fresh but there was nothing to brag about the soup.
For our mains, we ordered grilled chicken with chips, beef stew and lamb stew. The portions were 'just nice' and priced at $10.50 nett for a set lunch meal, there was not much grounds for us to make as much as a whimper except that another slice of herbs & onion bread was served, soaked in each bowl of stew. Again, the mains tasted just like how a piece of grilled chicken or beef stew or lamb stew is expected to taste. Nothing extraordinarily delicious.

grilled chicken with teriyaki sauce served with french fries
beef stew with carrot, celery and potato
lamb stew navarin

As for the dessert, without any introduction from the waitress, I'm guessing I tasted a spongecake base topped with raspberry-flavoured mousse cake slice. Well, it tasted ok to me but I would have been more excited if it was a chocolate cake slice instead.
I would rate the overall dining experience a 5 out of 10. It would be an affordable and additional option for nearby office workers to dine there but advance reservation is strongly advised. The other wise thing to do would be to study the online menu prior to arriving and to give your orders once you are seated to minimise the waiting time.

A short note to those who are expecting chef Daniel to be in the kitchen whipping up a storm for you at $10.50 nett - "Hello? Please stop dreaming and wake up to REALITY hoh!".

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