Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Eating in Taipei - January 2011

With a little luck, I landed a business trip to Taipei in January this year. I haven't been back there since my last visit which was about 3 years ago, so besides taking full opportunity to check out my local favourites, I also took the chance to try out as many news things as possible. Here's the list of what I ate during my 3 days there!

Live Lobster Shashimi, The poor fellow was still moving when we were eating him...he was a good lobster!

Fresh Beer!

One of the best BBQ place in Taipei and definitely one of the funnest!

大干杯, always make reservations one day ahead and plan to start dinner after 8pm when it's the most fun hour to be there!

Really fun staffs, awesome place to wind down after a day of work!

A new Risotto place I found at 西门町!

My Squid Ink Risotto Set Meal

I was lucky to be there just a week before the Chinese New Year and took the chance to visit the CNY bazaar which happens only once a year! Awesome atmosphere and much nicer weather, despite the drizzle, compared to doing the same thing in hot and humid Singapore!

What I scored from the CNY bazaar!

Dumplings in Ginger Peanut Soup!

The local delights from 淡水!

Japanese Pancakes in the shapes of Spongebob's Characters!

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