Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Bark café

Bark café is a little restaurant located just next to the Changi Chapel Museum. The food is moderately priced, there is usually no queue and the food is good! The two minus factors would have to be:
(1) it is an outdoor restaurant which means that when it is sunny, it can be warm and when it pours, the rain simply attacks you from all sides
(2) unless you have a car or you don’t mind taking a taxi, it can be quite tedious to find your way there with the bus

The recommended and probably most ordered food is their fried chicken wings. It is crunchy in its “non KFC” way and each wing is huge! Although it is classified under “side order”, it is normally quite filling for me to just finish the smallest order of 3 wings.

On my last visit, we ordered a fried rice, beef stew and double chocolate brownie. Everything tasted wonderful and especially so is the dessert…or probably it’s the simply joy of sharing it with my family. :)

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