Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Royce Potato Chip Chocolate

The word “Royce” reminds me of the branded car maker – RollsRoyce. Hence when I first noticed a shop (quite some time back) in the basement of Raffles City selling chocolates under the brand name Royce, my mind automatically linked the chocolate to some expensive chocolate maker in the United Kingdom. I must have walked pass the shop on numerous occasions but never once did I consider buying the chocolates.

Hence when a friend passed me a (food) souvenir from her trip in Japan, I was like “Oh…I didn’t know Royce chocolate originates from Japan…”.
And that was only the first discovery on my part. I quickly inspected the packaging and wondered out loud “Interesting…potato chips coated with chocolate. Thanks!”
Only to have my friend poked her head over before exclaiming “Oh…I didn’t know it’s potato chips I bought!”
Interesting people huh? J

Anyway, this sweet and salty combination tasted ok. It would be better if they were to either cut down on the chocolate coating or to use dark chocolate instead. However, for the Little One, it’s the perfect 2-in-1 snack. Even with his mouth full of chips, he was still demanding for more “mum mum” with his outstretched, milk chocolate smeared hands. 

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