Monday, April 16, 2012

Bosses (黑社会) @ Vivocity

This Chinese restaurant at Vivocity has a unique name, 黑社会. In English, it translates directly to Secret Society. As with the name, the entire restaurant is painted in black, giving it a very posh and somewhat fearsome exterior. I had passed by the restaurant umpteen times but never once did I made it inside. Recently, a colleague informed me that she was there for lunch and that the Chinese ramen is quite reasonably priced at ~$7. With this information, I decided to give it a go.

On a Friday afternoon, this was the few restaurant without any queue. We were shown straight to a round table and there wasn’t many customers inside either. We were served with a very interesting appetizer – deep fried fish skin. It was coated with dashes of salt, extremely crunchy to the bite, not oily at all but can be a little fishy on the taste bud. But when accompanied with the chili, it sort of masks the fishy taste. A plate of this appetizer is priced at $3.80.
A quick glance at the menu revealed that the more affordable dishes were indeed the ramen – starting from $7 onwards for plain vegetable ramen. I ordered the fried chicken ramen which consisted of a huge bowl of plain soup ramen and a small plate of deep fried chicken. Definitely low rating for presentation. Taste-wise, the soup was plain, noodles tastes like instant noodles and the fried chicken has no surprises either. Priced at $8.50, you can definitely give it a miss.
Three colleagues ordered the minced meat ramen (炸酱面) priced at $8 and was full of praises towards the end as they were busy slurping up the noodles.

The crowd in the restaurant only began to grow at about 1pm and it was not hard to notice that quite a few tables ordered dim sum which looks really good. I’ll surely be back again to try both the minced meat ramen and the dim sum. So, till then…

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