Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sushi Airways Sushi Bar

I got to know of this Japanese restaurant from a friend's Facebook posting. An online search on this restaurant yielded good reviews on the food, the price (set lunch) as well as it's unique airline theme.

Armed with high expectations, a friend and I arrived at the restaurant punctually at noon - it's opening hour. The restaurant is at the second level of a shophouse along Baghdad Street and we were their first customers of the day.

Besides the flight attendant attire of the only waitress in the restaurant, it was not apparent to me that this is an airline themed restaurant. We were also somewhat disappointed that the lunch set menu is only available during the weekdays.

Nevertheless, with the recommendation from the waitress, we proceeded to order the mango roll, sesame soba, grilled fugu and black pork tonkatsu.

The grilled fugu was the first to be served. In layman's term, it refers to grilled puffer fish. It needs to be prepared in a special way in order to remove the toxins from the fish. So this might explain why we were only served a few strips on a tiny plate. It tastes like freshly barbecued pork or otherwise known locally as bak kwa. Just that it's thicker and stickier to the bite.

Next up was the sesame soba. This is genuinely good! The soba has a springy texture with a tinge of sesame aroma. Two thumbs up!

The black tonkatsu was a little on the tough side and if you are watching that waistline of yours, I would advise you to skip it totally.

Finally, the long awaited mango rolls. The presentation was good but unfortunately, the zucchini slice detaches easily from the sushi when we tried to eat it. As a result, we had to eat the top portion of the sushi (everything else above the zucchini slice) separately from the sushi itself. Would be better if the two stays together.

All in all, the bill came up to a whooping $90+. It is somewhat expensive considering the serving size and location of the restaurant. Nevertheless, I might be back again but probably on a weekday to try the more economically priced lunch set at $15+.

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