Thursday, February 7, 2008

Happy Lunar Rat Year (鼠年快乐)

Here's wishing fellow bloggers and bloggees a FANTASTIC LUNAR NEW YEAR! As my saying goes: "New Year, New Hopes...Whatever bad happened last year, just leave it behind and move ahead" :)

As with all other years, my family had steamboat for our reunion dinner. To be honest, the food was the usual fanfare but it's festive mood of having everyone gathered around the dining table that makes the dinner so special! Even Alicia has a seat around the dinning table despite the low-seat-high-table combination which only means that while we were chomping away on the food, she gets to play "Whose Feet Is It Anyway?"

This year, we got 3 cooks in the kitchen and just for the dessert alone, they were mercilessly slicing open the small pumpkins, digging out the insides and turning it into bowls for the nice mango-pomelo-sago dessert! It's so yummylicious! If not for my full tummy, I would definitely go for a second helping.

And what is New Year without the traditional pineapple tarts?

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