Sunday, February 10, 2008

Playing Tourist on 3rd Day of CNY

The first stop for the day is at the Duck Tour counter at Suntec City Mall to secure the tickets for the afternoon tour. It's very much similar to catching a movie at any of those cinemas in town where it's simply not possible to get tickets for the next show but only for those screening a few hours later. Before 11.30am, the 2pm tickets were already sold out. I'm glad I made this my first stop.

Next, I took the train to Tanah Merah MRT station, came out at Exit B and boarded the No. 2 bus. The bus took me directly to the bus stop opposite The Changi Chapel Museum which was rather convenient considering the ulu location. Along the way, I even got a peek of the Singapore be honest, there's not much to see with the tall green fencing.
This is my 3rd or 4th visit to The Changi Chapel museum but it's my first time hiring an audio aid. The admission is free while the audio aid costs $8. The museum is not very big but the fact that I came back a couple of times really goes to show that the exhibit is really interesting. For those who have yet to be there, it's highly recommended. And if you are observant, just before you turn right to the open air cafe, there's a door in front of you. It's opened to the tourists...check it out! (I did not even know about it during my previous visits!)

Immediately after the museum tour, I headed straight back to Suntec City Mall only to find out that all the tours are fully booked by 3pm and there's already a large crowd gathering at the briefing area.

On my way back to the Suntec City Mall

The 4pm group was subdivided into four groups and lead to four Duckie vehicles. The vehicle which I boarded was named "Darla" and it's a 'female' vietnamese war vehicle used by the US soldiers to transport military aids or equipments. I had quite a good tour guide - Zach and the tour was rather enriching with his illustrious expanations on the major landmarks in the Marina Bay region. I was surprised to learn so many new and interesting facts about Singapore during the tour despite being a Singaporean! Zach also succeeded in getting the spontaneous participations from the tourists in his quizes where the prize for guessing the correct answer is the Duck Tour whistle. I didn't win any so in the end, I decided to buy one. :)

The majestic Merlion

National Day new celebration site

Hard at work at the Integrated Resort site

The Singapore Flyer which will open officially on Valentine's Day!

Dragon boat practise at Kallang River (Where did all the locals go to?)

Singaporeans get to enjoy a 30% off the $33 adult fare for the Duck Tour - which translates to $23 for a 60 mins tour. And I bet my money that if you were to grab any tourists on the street, they can easily rattle off more facts about Singapore than any of the locals!

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