Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Brotzeit @ VivoCity

Brotzeit in German language translates to "Bread Time". So if one day, Bread Talk decides to launch it's first European branch in Germany, it could be called "Brot Sprechen".

Recently, I finally mustered enough courage to try the two dishes which I have grown to like so much during my one year training stint in Austria - Wiener Schnitzer and Goulash - at Brotzeit.

Singaporeans are relatively familiar with Wiener Schnitzer which is a well-known Austrian traditional dish consisting of deep fried veal coated with breadcrumbs served with lingonberry jam, potato salad and a slice of lemon. The taste was very similar to those served in Austria but the veal was relatively thin. For me, the magic lies in the combination of lingonberry jam with every mouthful of schnitzer.

Goulash, interestingly, originates from Hungary. It is a stew made from beef, onion, paprika and various spices. Armed with a french loaf, I could easily glup down a big bowl of goulash. Such were my fond memory of this simple dish formerly made by cattle stockmen.

While the beef cubes were tender, the gravy was quite a disappointment. It was too thick and salty so after a few mouthful, I had to wash it down with some plain water. Halfway through, I was already quite full with half my tummy filled with water and there was no way I could finish the entire serving of goulash.

I could imagine myself going back to the restaurant for the ambience and the casual bench-style sitting arrangement. As for the choice of food, it would have to be somewhere else.

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