Friday, June 12, 2009

Brunch Buffet @ Café Swiss

The Sunday brunch buffet at Café Swiss costs a whopping $50++ for a limited spread. After merely two helpings, I'm already down to the final stage of narrowing down my selection to the favourites before the grand dessert finale.

While the true-blooded Singaporeans flocked to the priciest plate of oysters, I was hovering around the bread section - eyeing the fresh walnut loaf. The combination of walnut bread with melted cheese is truly a match made in heaven...Ohhhh...

The other selections worth mentioning would be the baby octopuses which was a good appetiser to excite my palates before I moved in on the tender beef slices.

There were the usual spread of Chinese cuisines which was good but not yet raving good. The fresh prawns were a disappointment to me. While they were crunchy to the bite, it lacks the natural sweetness of fresh prawns.

Being a sweet-tooth monster myself, the dessert section was a total flop. Not only did I managed to scan the varieties within a mere 5 seconds, the selection didn't entice me to go back for a second helping.

I'm just glad that I didn't pay a single cent that afternoon. :)

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Anonymous said...

We ate there April 2011 for a weekday lunch buffet and found the food to be brilliant. Not the biggest spread, but everything was good quality. They even served specialty coffees which were excellent. Plan to go back for Mother's Day brunch. With the Amex 1 for 1, it is a great value.