Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Strawberry Cake Disaster

As much as bloggers like to post nice photos of food or master pieces from their very own kitchen, I gathered it's time I started posting disastrous food photos in my blog. This is to tell all aspiring cooks out there, that's it never as easy as it looks and alot of hardwork and talent goes into whipping palatable dishes!

The opening act would be this Strawberry Cake. While the fat juicy strawberries are a nice cover up, the clump-like icing on the cake is a preview to the horrors that laid within. And yes, it is supposed to be icing and not "Dao Huay - 豆花".

The taste was much more horrible compared to how it looked, so bless you blog readers! The extreme sweetness literally covers the taste for everything else and simply numbed my tongue. I never knew plain water tasted so nice...

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