Friday, January 8, 2010

Tis' The Season To Be Jolly

~fa lah lah lah lah...lah lah lah lah~

This is absolutely THE season to huddle together with your loved ones and fatten oneself with a layer of blubber against the bitter cold winter.

cheese platter

ham platter

liver dumpling in beef soup
roast beef with bread dumpling, rice and berry sauce

deep fried chicken with potatoes

roast pork with butter rice and boiled potatoes

strudel in beef soup

For five consecutive days starting from 23rd December, my stomach never once experienced an emptiness level of more than 50%.

basketful of christmas cookies

dark chocolate cake filled with nutty goodness!

homemade bread with hazelnut fillings
That said, I'm still pooling in my share of work, dolling the house up for the great festivity.

silver christmas tree dangle

a typical navitity display at home

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