Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Maki Sushi

This is my first solo attempt in making sushi after a People's Association sushi class I attended 2 years ago.

The challenge was all about cooking and preparing the sushi rice since there was no raw fish used as the filling ingredient. As such, it was relatively easy to slice the zucchini and gherkins into long strips while the other ingredients were simply made up of pork floss and crabstick salad.

Maki Sushi

Ingredients (sushi rice):
500 ml sushi rice (can make 5 large rolls)
600 ml water (depends pretty much on the type of sushi rice used)
60ml rice vinegar
30ml sugar
5ml salt

Ingredients (filling):
pretty much up to your liking and creation!

Ingredients (assembly):
nori seaweed
bamboo mat
bowl of rice vinegar diluted with water (to wet the hands while handling the sticky rice)

(1) Wash the rice several times until the water runs fairly clear when draining

(2) Let the rice strain for 30 minutes before transferring to a rice cooker

(3) Prepare the sushi vinegar by mixing the rice vinegar, sugar and salt in a small saucepan. Heat the mixture until the sugar dissolves and stir frequently. Remove from the heat and let the sushi vinegar cool to room temperature

(4) Transfer the hot rice into a mixing bowl and use a wooden spatula or spoon to cut and fold the rice. Be gentle not to smash the rice grains. Continue with this cutting and folding action while adding the sushi vinegar.

(5) Fan the rice mixture for ~5/6 minutes to cool the rice before assembly

(6) Prepare the fillings according to your liking and slice the appropriate ingredients into thin long strips

(7) Assemble the maki sushi as shown in the video below:

(8) For a clean cut sushi slice, you may want to wet the knife prior to cutting the sushi roll

(+) Once you master the preparation of the sushi rice, the rest of the steps are simply a breeze
(+) The leftover maki sushi can be kept in an air-tight container in the refrigerator for later consumption

(=) A healthy and satisfying meal! :)


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