Monday, May 3, 2010

HMV Stands For...

I have passed by The Heeren Shops along Orchard Road countless times and have even loosely termed the building HMV at times. But never once did I stop to ponder what HMV actually stands for.

It was only on a fine Sunday afternoon when Werner showed me his antique collection of gramaphone needles and records did I realised that the brand HMV actually translates to "His Master's Voice". And this is the famous logo of the fox terrier staring into a gramaphone!
To top it off, did you know that the needles used in the gramaphone needs to be disposed off after about 4 record plays? And that the volume of the record can be adjusted by using needles of different thickness and length? Thinner needle gives a softer volume while shorter needles were louder than longer ones.

Now we, or rather I, know! Cool eh?

On my next visit, Werner might be playing me some records from his own gramaphone! How exciting! :)

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