Saturday, May 15, 2010

With Spring Comes...

The one thing I love about Spring is the transition of large barren lands to massive green plains dotted with blossoming wild flowers of every colours imaginable!

Such were the wonders of nature. And not to undermine the powers of humans, there were more varieties of floras at the local florists and gardeners who were kept busy with the endless stream of customers picking out cartful of greeneries, plants and flowers for their homes.

The garden at Mama's was no exception. After surviving the harsh winter, the garden seem all the more determined to welcome Spring with the addition of colours to it's rich soil. And so does Mama.

One part of the garden was set aside as a vegetable and herb plot while the remaining area was nicely decorated with plants and beautiful flowers.


Flowers from an apple tree

Spring also brings with it a steady supply of fresh fruits, our favourite being the big, juicy strawberries! Aside from being a healthy in-between meal munchie, the extra strawberries could go into the making of home-made marmalade which could be stored up to 6 months or more, to be enjoyed throughout the next winter.

And not forgetting the delightful, loud chirpings from the birds in Spring, ensuring their fair share of human audiences at 0500 sharp!

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