Monday, August 20, 2007

Equipments Fret-Me-Not

Before I commence on my experiment to check the reproduceability of recipes from the web - (do they really produce the yummy-licious food as shown in the photos?), I thought to emphasize on how useful it is to use measuring cups and spoons when trying to recreate most of the baking recipes.

They are so inexpensive, easily found in supermarkets and yet such a GREAT help!

So I hereby proudly present my weiss measuring cups:

and my rot measuring spoons *tah-dah*:

The US measurement units comes in cups, teaspoons, tablespoons ...etc while the Metric measurement units comes in grams and millilitres. Personally, I prefer the US units. I just need to make sure the flour or sugar cover the cup nicely. Afterall, cooking is all about "Ah-Gah-Ration". That's what my grandma and mother used to and always tells me. :)

If I happen to chance upon some really good makan - be it here in Singapore or abroad, I'll definitely be posting the photos!

So till then, my adventure begins....

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