Friday, August 24, 2007

Hotdog combo meals @ Sausage Co.

After the visit at the hospital, I decided to meetup with some friends for hotdog dinner @ Sausage Co.

It was raining rather heavily when we reached the shop and found, to our surprise, a small queue already forming outside the shop.

I ordered a Bockwurst with lettuce, tomato and chilli beef toppings. The chilli beef is a teeny bit spicy but nevetheless, nice! I was being very greedy and attempted DIY hotdog where I topped a very large scoop of beef chilli! Yummy!

My friends ordered a Mushroom Frankfurter each but with different toppings. One with chilli beef and honey mustard toppings

while the other chose lettuce, chilli ebi and honey mustard toppings. My friend especially enjoyed the chilli ebi because it is unique to have it served on a hotdog - plus it is also homemade. All three hotdogs were given the thumbs-up!

Each hotdog costs $5 and we ended up paying another $1.50 as top-up to one combo meal where we had a peach tea and a small salad bowl.

It was quite an experience to have a pipping hotdog in hand, standing under a shelter in the cool evening, with the heavy downpour pounding just 4 metres away on the gravel road.

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