Sunday, August 26, 2007

Fettuccini Ham Sauce & Fishball Tofu Soup dinner

Yesterday evening, I put my culinary "skills" to the test again. I made Fettuccini with Ham Sauce and Fishball Tofu soup for dinner.



150g fettuccini
15g diced green pepper
15g diced onion
15g diced tomato
15g sliced mushroom
20g sliced ham
1 egg
20g olive oil
30g chilli sauce I left this out
30g tomato sauce
pinch of aromat seasoning powder I left this out
20ml chicken stock

(I did not follow the quantities stated in the recipe. It's all Ah-Gah-ration!)

(1) Mix the chilli sauce, tomato sauce, aromat seasoning powder and chicken stock. This will be the sauce for the fettuccini. Leave aside.

(2) Cook fettuccini and rinse with cold water.

(3) In a wok, heat up the olive oil.

(4) Add egg and fry slightly before adding all the other ingredients.

(5) Pour in the sauce and fry for a while.

(6) Add the fettuccini and stir fry for a while.

(7) Sprinkle oregano leaves as a finishing touch

(+) Easily done and produces a rather edible pasta dish. Tastes not too bad actually.
(+) Extremely low fat dish and very filling.

(=) A good alternative to cooking pasta with off-the-shelf pasta sauce.



1 packet tofu
fishballs, quantity up to individual's appetite
half chicken stock cube

(1) In a pot of boiling water, add the chicken stock cube.

(2) With the tofu still in the plastic container, dice it into rectangles with a knife.

(3) Add the fishballs and tofu.

(4) Once the fishball floats to the surface of the soup, it is ready to serve.

(+) Oil-free, light soup
(+) Can add bak-chor (seasoned minced pork) to make the soup more filling.

(=) Soup is ready in 10 minutes. A healthy alternative to those powder ready soup mixes.

My mom will be away from home for a month which means that there'll be more "opportunities" for me to display my culinary "skills". I think with her absence, we'll surely learn to appreciate the hardwork she has put into the family!

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