Saturday, November 22, 2008

So long, Sausage Co....

Sausage Co. is the first reason for starting up this blog space.

On this very day, arrangements were made to gather the entire family at the shop for their last lunch at Sausage Co.

We practically cleaned out the remaining stock of Bockwurst before we proceeded to attack the Bratwurst. :P

Through Sausage Co., I learnt that if one dares to dream and dreams hard enough, the dream would surely materialize. Regardless of the outcome, the learning process and experience is uniquely yours and yours only to keep .

When one customer assumes and asked, "Where is the location of the new shop?"

another complained, "My heart is broken"

and a third jokingly commented, "I feel like crying whenever I eat the hotdog because they are made with love"

You'll know it's all worth it... :)

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