Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Indian Vegetarian Lunch

It's been quite a while since I last tasted an Indian vegetarian meal. So after exploring Mustafa on a rainy afternoon, I made a quick dash across the road to a nearby vegetarian self-serve restaurant.

The food listings on the menu were almost foreign to me having had close to zero prior experience in authentic Indian cuisine except for the knowledge of naan and bearing in mind that roti prata does not originate from India.

Feeling slightly adventurous, I ordered the South Indian Set and just as a backup, I proceeded to order the Garlic Naan Set as well.

Both set lunches came with the main course accompanied by several small bowls of gravy. In the end, what started with just a simple vegetarian lunch ended up in a tedious mathematical attempt of permutation and combination of rice, naan, cracker and gravy to find the best match.

In the end, after having my tongue numbed by the spicy gravy, I could only offer the following comments:

- the thin crackers seen in the extreme right side of the South Indian set is definitely my favourite. It goes well with any of the gravy and even on it's own!

- the murky looking sauce seen in the extreme right side of the South Indian set is actually red bean soup. I quite liked it as it's not as sweet as those sold in the dessert shops.

- the garlic naan was quite a disappointment to me as it resembles just a stab of thick dense bread with no garlic or toasted bread fragrance whatsoever. I always had nice savoury memories of the bread and thought it was such a basic primary source of carbohydrate in the Indian's diet that it just simply can't go wrong. I was wrong though...

- the rest of the gravy are not so fantastic either

For sure, I'll not be returning to the same restaurant and as a rule of thumb, I'll definitely be consulting my Indian friends before I go on my next Indian food 'adventure'!

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Mike said...

Try Komala Villas in Little India for their South Indian Meal, Paper thosai and masala thosai, these are my fav! For a light meal, just do paper thosai and wash it down with a glass of original lassi! Yummy!