Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Alice In Wonderland

This year, I had a plentiful Christmas. I had plenty of Christmas presents.

Some were downright useless but nevertheless served it's purpose to tickle my funny bone, others were original - filling my tummy with lots of cocoa. I kept all of the non-edible ones while sharing some of those edible ones.

And just when I thought there could be no more surprises, I received a small parcel on Christmas Eve lying on my table. I had to rip it open and to my surprise, it's a hand-made Christmas card from Ericia!

It was so exquisitely made that I had to simply show it off on this blog.

The design is screaming out loud at the theme no matter which side I flip. Great job!

The last time I recall ever making or receiving hand-made cards were during my primary school days. So one can simply imagine the warm fuzzy feeling I felt when I received the card.

Quoting the Mastercard advertisement:

Item: hand-made Christmas card
Value: priceless

Quoting Baby Alicia (who is the first person I showed the card to):

"美美" - which translates to pretty or nice or beautiful or in simple baby terms, anything that is pleasing to her eyes. Mind you, baby only speaks the truth.

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