Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Xmas cookie part 1 - Tis the season for pineapple tarts?

Having had a high success rate in baking pineapple tarts, I decided to make some as part of a christmas cookie gift.

Previously, the pineapple filling was self-made and it tasted great. This time round, to save some time and effort, I bought a packet of ready-to-use pineapple fillings from Sheng Shiong at about $5.

Open Pineapple Tarts

Ingredients (pineapple fillings):
4 Malaysian pineapples (grated)
350g yellow rock sugar
2 cloves (optional)
1 tbsp maltose (optional)

Method (pineapple fillings):
(1) Cook grated pineapples in a stainless steel pot

(2) When most of the water has dried off, add sugar, cloves and maltose

(3) Keep stirring again when water has almost dried off

(4) Maintain low heat till mixture is thick and gluey

(5) Leave to cool completely before using

Ingredients (pineapple tart):
400g top flour
1/2 tbsp milk powder or vanilla essence
40g sugar
250g salted butter
1 egg
1 egg yolk
1 egg (for glazing)

Method (pineapple tart):
(1) Cream the butter and sugar till light

(2) Add in the eggs and cream or a while

(3) Add in sifted milk powder and flour

(4) Place the dough in the chiller till firm before rolling it and cutting with cookie cutter

(5) Glaze with egg

(6) Top with pineapple filling in the centre

(7) Preheat oven for 10 mins at 200°C

(8) Bake in oven at 180°C for ~ 15mins till light brown

If you have the time, do try to make the pineapple fillings yourself. The ones I bought from Sheng Shiong is way too sweet and after baking, it became a little too hard when biting and also sticks to the teeth. Definitely a no-no for elderly with dentures.

Anyone who knows where to buy good quality pineapple fillings, do let me know. Thanks!


Mike said...

Yup, i agree, those pineapple fillings tasted pineapple chewing gum....i know phoon huat has ready made pineapple fillings as well, but no idea how they taste like...maybe you can try.

Anonymous said...

hi! I'm Cecilia, Mike's fren. Had tried some pineapple fillings from melaka's supermart .. might go there again in Jan ..will get u a pkt if u like. Definitely will try your recipes! (highly recommended by your bro)

Duckburg said...

Thanks for the offer!

Will you be there before or during CNY? If it's before, it'll be great! Then i can use the pineapple fillings to make more tarts!

Thanks again!