Sunday, December 28, 2008

Jolly BBQ 2008

This was my first and last BBQ for the year 2008. Gone were the days when I'll wash down charred black sausages and chicken wings with ice-cold coke, struggling to keep awake throughout the night by stuffing myself silly with whatever cold remnants found at the BBQ pit. Those were the days when my system could still deal with all the fat and cholesterol overload.

Although not formerly announced, I believed the BBQ was held for the following jolly reasons:
(1) In loving memories of Sausage Co - may there be no other comparable sausage shop
(2) A get-together for the Sausage Co team - for a job well done
(3) Post-Christmas, Pre-2009 New Year celebration

There's the usual prawn, squid, chicken fillet, otah, satay affair and of course, "Sausage Co" sausages. But it's quite a huge disappointment for me and Roger that chicken wings were missing from the list.

And for health reasons stated earlier, there's wholesome mushrooms topped with lots of garlic wrapped in aluminium foil as well as dragonfruit themed salad to lighten up on the taste bud.

As with almost all BBQ, the first few barbeque loads are sure to churn out charred, over-cooked, dry food. But with practise, it didn't take long for the 'team' to delivered barbeque perfect food. Such was the case for the mushrooms that I was busy sweeping it off the table that it slipped my mind to photograph it.

Mother Almighty also showed off her culinary skills by whipping up a huge pot of vegetable curry to go with a gigantic serving of fried bee hoon - enough to feed an entire village from Rawanda.

I took over the dessert section by making three types of mooncake themed agar-agars.
Mango Yoghurt Agar-Agar Mooncake
(the filling tasted sour which I believe could be due to the lemon juice but definitely not the mangoes)

Green Tea Red Bean Jelly Mooncake
(this was really fragrant and creamy)

Strawberry Jelly Mooncake
(this was the most refreshing from the lot)

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