Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Baumkuchen - The Hungarian Version

Just when I thought I had seen and tasted THE Baumkuchen, I found an entirely different version in Villach, a little town located at the southern part of Austria. And to make things a little complicated, it's the Hungarian version known as Kürtőskalács which were sold there.

It was a much simpler version consisting of only one ring unlike the Singapore version which was made up of numerous bark-like rings. Also, unlike it's Singapore counterpart which has numerous flavors and fanciful decorations to choose from, the Hungarian version tasted more like a bread (rather than a cake) with plain sugar and cinnamon powder coated all around it.

Nevertheless, the freshly baked, piping hot baumkuchen was quickly devoured amongst the few of us as we wandered along the snow-covered Christmas market on a cold and windy winter afternoon.

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